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Do you believe that you can see your friend WhatsApp and their all information I know no one won’t believe that but that is true and today I am going to tell you about the powerful WhatsApp alternative which can give you access to see other people’s messages on WhatsApp without any problem and issue and that APK is very professional internet by their spy features yes today we will talk on WhatsApp sniffer the most professional WhatsApp on the internet with a lot of features and you can view any one WhatsApp info by using WhatsApp sniffer spy tool features.

You also know that in 2022 the technology is going to its next level and the new generation is very smart today people are learning programming, coding languages, and developing new things like WhatsApp sniffer to give people some additional features because in the official WhatsApp all of the features are limited and there are no new features are added so developer created WhatsApp sniffer so people can use WhatsApp by enjoying and share more videos, audios, and images with their friends and family by doing something different.

WhatsApp Sniffer APK

What is WhatsApp sniffer APK?

Like other WhatsApp alternative WhatsApp sniffer, APK is also a professional modified version of original WhatsApp and comes with a lot of features are the main point features of WhatsApp sniffer APK is you can check your friends and contacts’ WhatsApp information and activity this WhatsApp alternative is popular worldwide by there spy features. WhatsApp sniffer is one of the best social apps to view someone’s WhatsApp activity.

Remember that like GBWhatsApp, FMWhatsApp and other alternatives also have different features and are all popular by their features but in the latest version of WhatsApp sniffer APK the spy tool feature, you can’t find in any other WhatsApp and understand that original WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to do such activity like checking your WhatsApp contact information and features. 

In this article, we will tell you about how you can see your other friends’ WhatsApp information by using WhatsApp sniffer spy too features, requirements and detailed information on WhatsApp sniffer features, and a comparison with official WhatsApp and downloads.

WhatsApp sniffer APK Vs original WhatsApp:

There are many differences between the original WhatsApp and WhatsApp sniffer is that original WhatsApp is officially published on the play store and has a powerful server and also it’s working good but after 13 years of WhatsApp service and still, we don’t get any new features to update all of their features have limited an old that’s why people are now using WhatsApp alternative like WhatsApp sniffer.

This WhatsApp is a powerful spy tool with WhatsApp alternative ha many cool fonts, themes, privacy features, media features, you can also hide your online status, contacts, images and lock on your specific content and much more these features you can’t see in other WhatsApp alternative this is the main difference between WhatsApp sniffer and official WhatsApp I hope now you understand why millions of people are converting their WhatsApp to WhatsApp sniffer.

WhatsApp sniffer APK features:

  • Outgoing calls
  • Incoming calls
  • Videos
  • Status
  • Individual chats are arranged 
  • freedom to read the whole conversation.
  • you can access group chats.
  • Get access to images, videos, and files.
  • Cool Fonts 
  • Navigation has also been improved.
  • The app loads very fast.
  • Not consume your full battery. 
  • smoothly run it on a low battery
  • Sent messages
  • Received messages
  • You can manage conversations
  • receive the notification 

User-friendly interface :

WhatsApp sniffer APK provides you a smooth user-friendly interface to attract users as you know that the latest version of WhatsApp sniffer is based on monitoring so we will only discuss its monitoring features.

Personal access:

By using WhatsApp sniffer you can get access to your friend’s personal information like videos, audios, calls, images, incoming calls, outgoing calls, and much more you can see detailed information below.

Call monitoring:

You can check your friend’s incoming calls and what they are talking about and there her by using this feature teachers can only look at eye on their students and monitor them in classes.

Media monitoring:

You can check your children and monitor them by using WhatsApp sniffer monitoring feature to get access to see their video, audio, and image call and much more I hope you can’t misuse blindly of this application.

Read all information:

By using the latest version of WhatsApp sniffer you get the freedom to use all of the features and information of your friend but remover that if you want to see your friend’s information then the requirement is you both use the same WIFI.

Cool fonts:

With their monitoring features, it can give you some cool fonts which can be very helpful to change your WhatsApp look into a beast and also you can find some themes which you can use to change the interface and layout of your WhatsApp easily.

Manage conversations:

You can easily manage your friend’s conversations without knowing them just using the same WIFI and access all WhatsApp which are connected to the same WIFI you can send messages by looking anonymous you can chat on your friend’s mobiles with other people.

Multiple languages:

NOW this is the feature that we are talking about imagining that you don’t know English or any other language so when someone talks to you in Spanish what do you do go to the play store and download the google translator app and then copy-paste the text it can consume your too much time.

Best for teachers and parents:

If you misuse WhatsApp sniffer that it could not be legal but as a content writer I will recommend teachers and parents to use this application only to monitor their students and children and it could be very helpful for you and your children. they can also check their call messages without getting any physical access to their mobiles.

But don’t worry because in the layers version of WhatsApp sniffer you can get 17+ languages with a translator you can translate any language without using any third-party app and sense messages to your friend in any language you can get a collection of 17+ languages in the alter a version of WhatsApp sniffer.

NOTE: I didn’t give you permission to misuse this app to check your friend’s personal information all of the content about WhatsApp sniffer is for educational purposes and I trend you to only use WhatsApp sniffer to check your children’s WhatsApp and put an eye on him and I am not the owner of the app and also I am not using WhatsApp sniffer so we didn’t know it will work properly or not but you can try it and check review about different apps and WhatsApp sniffer.

Remember that we don’t want to convince you to monitor your friend’s WhatsApp all of the content that we are providing you in this article are well researched and for educational purpose only and you can use it just for fun and entertainment purpose only and the main thing we wanna tell you is that there is no official website are available on the internet where you can download WhatsApp sniffer.

You can only download the latest version of WhatsApp sniffer from Google because this WhatsApp is not officially published. After all, it is a monitoring app and a modified version of official WhatsApp so you can’t find it in the play store just search the name of the application on google and download it from a trusted website you can find the download link in this article.

WhatsApp Sniffer APK

Download the latest version of WhatsApp sniffer APK:

After knowing all the detail about the WhatsApp sniffer APK now you can easily download the latest version of WhatsApp sniffer APK from our website you can find the updated version download link below just click the link and follow the steps to complete the installation process.

  • Click download link
  • Open file manager
  • Open the download folder
  • Click WhatsApp sniffer APK file
  • Installing process

After doing all the steps now the latest version of WhatsApp sniffer APK is now downloaded and installed on your phone now you can add your mobile number and create an account to start using the monitoring features of WhatsApp sniffer.


The latest version of WhatsApp sniffer APK is very different from other WhatsApp alternatives remember that WhatsApp sniffer APK will not work on any Apple IOS operating system because before using the latest version of WhatsApp sniffer on your phone you need to complete some requirements, first of all, you need to root your mobile phone and second, you need to install busy box application to get access on WhatsApp sniffer and this APP is only available in play store.

WhatsApp sniffer APK is free you can find much other application which says you can read your friend’s messages but they are all paid but WhatsApp sniffer is totally free and if you like this application the comment to us and if you want more applications and WhatsApp alternatives then you can visit our website you can find many informational articles and WhatsApp alternative and in last I hope you can share this article with your friends so they can download the latest version of WhatsApp sniffer APK.

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