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If you are using any WhatsApp on your phone it doesn’t matter but the matter is WhatsApp features because today in 2022 there are thousands of WhatsApp are available which are providing people with ith ore features with a friendly interface and it is our right to use the new thing and applications such as GMWhatsApp APK this is the most popular WhatsApp alternative Maison internet because of their features and friendly design. I use many WhatsApp alternatives but GMWhatsApp is the best and if you use this application you will say that it’s good and that’s why.

In this article, I am going to tell you all of the information about GMWhatsApp and its features all the detailed information that only need to know and in last we will discuss how to download the latest version of GMWhatsApp but first, we need to understand what is GMWhatsApp and how to use the features so let’s start it.

GMWhatsApp APK

What is GMWhatsApp APK?

GMWhatsApp APK is a professional version of officials WhatsApp that comes with 4000+ themes and antiban features with a lot of new features the developer Jehad Al-Demshki designed the GMWhatsApp APK and make it unique and looks different from other WhatsApp you will be happy to know that the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK comes with the antiban feature if you don’t know what is antiban then in simple words.

I will tell you t it is somehow security and features for MOD applications that are not legally registered if you use any application that is not approved by the play store or MOD version your account will be banned but by using GMWhatsApp you do need to worry about. this mode will be developed when official WhatsApp changes its terms and starts to restrict some Android versions and IOS devices you can find some more information below.

GMWhatsApp APK key features:

  • Activate dark mode.
  • Theme store
  • Customize your notification
  • Hide online status
  • Hiding typing
  • Media features
  • Privacy features
  • New UI user interface
  • ANTIBAN mode available
  • Hide double tick
  • Turn off the internet from WhatsApp only.
  • Hide single tick
  • Colorful ticks
  • Add lock
  • Pin lock
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Pattern lock
  • Download status
  • Download optionĀ 
  • Send auto messages and schedule messages.
  • Control your media visibility.

GMWhatsApp APK key features Detail:

Theme store:

In the original version of WhatsApp, you can’t find any new template only you can see the default theme but in the later version of GMWhatsApp APK, you can get 4000+ themes which you can easily install on your WhatsApp and make your GMWhatsApp APK look cool.

Send long status:

In the official WhatsApp, you can send almost 30 seconds of status but in the latest version of GMWhatsApp, you can send up to 5 to 7 minutes of status without any problem and cutting or trimming your video.

Lock-on chat:

This feature is available only GMWhatsApp where you can lock your pattern or fingerprint or any specific chat you want and also you can lock all your WhatsApp chats and numbers.

Video sending limit :

GMWhatsApp APK will allow you to end long videos with your friends. Still, in the official WhatsApp when you send any video to your friend then it will be automatically compressed because official WhatsApp doesn’t want to load on their server there are almost a billion people are sending and sharing daily videos to their friends but GMWhatsApp is different from other send 500 MB videos to your friends.

New fonts:

This feature is very helpful to make your WhatsApp looks cool but if you can’t find this option in other WhatsApp in GMWhatsApp you can find a collection of new themes which can be helpful to change your WhatsApp look.

Colorful customization:

Making your WhatsApp colorful is now easy for you in the latest version of GMWhatsApp you can change your WhatsApp icons, layout, and User Interface color without any problem.

Hide online status:

If you want to hide your last seen or online status then I will recommend you to use the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK here you can get access to hide your privacy features without any problem.

Hide double tick:

The double tick will automatically tell your friends that you are online and your internet is ON when your friend sends you messages and you are offline then your chat gets a single tick and when your internet I online then you get a double tick but some people didn’t want to show their double tick for those people you can use GMWhatsApp APK.

Media features:

In media features you can get access to sending long videos and status, audio recordings and much more these options are only available in the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK.

Antiban features available :

If you want to use any MOD version APK then first you need to look at whether they are using the ANTIBAN feature or not but in the latest version of GMWhatsApp, you can get an inbuilt AMTIBAN feature which can protect your account from getting banned by officials WhatsApp policy.

Activate dark mode:

If you are using WhatsApp at the night then this feature will be very helpful for you then activate the dark mode feature in GMWhatsApp APK helps you to protect your eyes from blue light.

NOTE: Many people are searching GMWhatsApp APK on the play store but they don’t find it that’s why if you want to download the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK then you can only find it on google because WhatsApp officials will not give any permission to GMWhatsApp APK and play store will not publish this type of application which is MODIFIED but you can still download the application from Google just search the name of the any MOD version of APK and you can find many results.

But the better thing for you is that on our website you can find the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK and on other websites, there could be a chance for you that you can’t find an updated version of GMWhatsApp APK so I recommend you to download the latest version of GB WhatsApp APK from our website.

GMWhatsApp APK

Download the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK:

If you want to use the cool feature of GMWhatsApp then you can download the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK from our website derail mentioned below just click on the download link and install the latest version of GMWhatsApp by following the steps.

  • Click on the download link
  • Open file manager
  • Open download folder
  • Install GMWhatsApp APK fileĀ 
  • Create an account

After following all these steps the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK is downloaded on your smartphone and know you only need to do one thing and that is to add your phone number and create a new account in GMWhatsApp APK after that you can use all of the features of GMWhatsApp APK.


Like other WhatsApp alternatives in the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK you can find many features if you are a MOD version new user then I will tell you that people use WhatsApp alternatives only by seeing their features and every WhatsApp alternative have there own features such as GMWhatsApp where you can hide your online status, fonts, new themes and much more all of these features are unique which you can only find in the latest version of GMWhatsApp.

If you like this article then I hope that you will share this with your friends so they can download the latest version of GMWhatsApp APK if you are an APK lover and still you want to use more applications like GMWhatsApp then you can visit our website here you can find all types of MOD applications, WhatsApp alternatives and valuable content with details and all of the APK in our website are using ANTI BAN feature so you don’t need to worry regarding your WhatsApp account issue.

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