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In 2022 the technology is on there next level and when the smartphone came to people’s hand people are communicating with other people on social media apps like WhatsApp Plus APK is the best WhatsApp for your choice you can also find thousands of WhatsApp on the internet you can find official business WhatsApp and other WhatsApp on play store.

But in 2022 people are using the social media platform which has a maximum features the old and boring WhatsApp people don’t use so if you want to use the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK then you only need to do one thing read this article to end we will talk about the cool features of WhatsApp Plus APK and other related information.

First, we talk about what is WhatsApp Plus APK and how to use it and we will also talk about its features and if you are using the old WhatsApp Plus APK so how you can update to the new WhatsApp Plus APK and in last we will download and use the WhatsApp Plus APK. jtwhatsmodapk

WhatsApp Plus APK

What is WhatsApp Plus APK?

WhatsApp Plus APK is a social media messaging chat app. The WhatsApp Plus APK is approved by the official WhatsApp company it is a very popular APK like GB WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus APK is a modified version of official WhatsApp with a lot of special features that are not available on any WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp Plus APK developer XDA person reflate customize and design WhatsApp Plus APK by modifying the official WhatsApp latest version in 2012. he just changed the code modify their structure and add some cool features in WhatsApp Plus APK.

This app is 100% free to use one can use the WhatsApp Plus APK latest version on android and iPhones now you will understand some basic information about WhatsApp Plus APK let’s talk about WhatsApp Plus APK features and benefits.

WhatsApp Plus APK is legal or not:

We found many questions on this topic because when XDA company modified the APK then WhatsApp Plus APK will get some certificates and clarification from official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus published on play store but after some time official, WhatsApp will declare unsafely and play store delisted the WhatsApp Plus APK.

You know why this happens because WhatsApp Plus APK has many features which are still not available on official WhatsApp but now the WhatsApp Plus APK I still available for download on our website you can find the link and download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK below are mentioned some detailed features of WhatsApp Plus APK which you can check and after knowing information about features download the WhatsApp Plus APK.

WhatsApp Plus APK detailed information:

This app is based on original functionality and is 100% safe to use. WhatsApp Plus APK does not claim any hidden charges or fees you can use it for free the WhatsApp Plus APK is the best way to impress your girlfriend or friends because of its beautiful body structure.

WhatsApp Plus APK the minimum android requirement of download their application is 5.0 or above android version and the file size of WhatsApp Plus APK is 52 Mb or less so you don’t need any GBS to download the WhatsApp Plus APK latest version.

There are also many versions of WhatsApp Plus APK available which are developed by others like HeyMods and AlexMods you can also check another mod version of WhatsApp Plus APK available on this website.

WhatsApp Plus APK features:

WhatsApp Plus APK is the most popular application in the social media massaging platform if you are a WhatsApp user then you need to use this application on your mobile. want to know about some features of the WhatsApp Plus APK. Many features are mentioned below with details you can check out.

  • Allows sharing
  • Fonts and styles
  • History and logs
  • Auto reply
  • Beautiful wallpapers
  • Recording status
  • Cleaner
  • Advance file sharing option
  • Hiding options

Additional features:

  • Collection of emojis
  • Many themes available
  • Message scheduler
  • Sticker packs
  • Sticker maker
  • Hide blue tick
  • Change background color
  • Animated emojis
  • Dark and light theme
  • Fixed bugs
  • Anti-ban option
  • Wide calling option
  • Font and styles
  • Auto-reply messages
  • Customization
  • Immobilized voice call
  • Copy and paste status
  • Share video without limit
  • Quick share function
  • Change the color of blue tick
  • Hide last seen option
  • Hide online status
  • Change the launcher icon
  • Translation of languages

Above you can find all the latest feature which are included in the WhatsApp Plus latest version below you can find the detailed information on some cool feature of WhatsApp Plus APK which you really need to know.

Translate languages:

This feature is the latest feature which I don’t see on other WhatsApp alternatives the cool feature is included in WhatsApp Plus APK only so if you can’t understand English or other languages then you can use the translate feature to translate your messages to other languages which you want.

For Example: If you are speaking Hindi and you don’t understand the English language then you can translate your friend’s chat language to Hindi without using any third-party application because in 2022 English is the most used language in the world so that cause the WhatsApp Plus APK will help you a lot.

Copy-paste status:

If someone adds a status on their profile and you like their video then you don’t need to download or search about that status on YouTube because WhatsApp Plus APK gives you a feature where you can just copy and paste other friend’s status direct to your profile without any other application.

Hide last seen:

With this feature you can hide your online status without getting offline on your mobile so if you don’t want to tell your friend if you are online or offline then you can use this option you can read friends’ chats without getting a double tick on your chat.

WhatsApp Plus APK

Share video without limit:

In official WhatsApp you can send a video status of more than 30 seconds and in video sending, you can face a limit that is 2 to 3 minutes but in WhatsApp Plus APK you will be rewarded in the video section you can send unlimited minutes and MB video to your friends and family in the high resolution without losing any quality.

Sticker any people want stickers so they can send to friends, in that case, they use the third-party application to send funny stickers but in those applications, they face limited access but in WhatsApp Plus APK you can find a ton of collections of stickers and if you want to create your images or convert them to sticker then you can find the inbuilt option in WhatsApp Plus APK so if you ard a sticker maker then this professional WhatsApp is for you.

Dark light themes:

At night everyone talks with their girlfriend in that cause the room light is off and the mobile light can seriously hurt your eyes but in WhatsApp Plus APK.

you can find a dark light theme option you can change to night light when you use WhatsApp at the night and you can also change to daylight in the morning you can also find more cool features in WhatsApp Plus APK.

Customization by yourself:

No app will permit you to customize their application according to your need but

WhatsApp Plus APK gives you access to customize all the setting of WhatsApp Plus APK as you want you can change their font colors, icons, settings functions, and much more.

Fixed all bugs:

In the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK all of the bugs and glitches problems are cleared this WhatsApp is designed and developed by a high-skill person and a powerful company that’s why in the latest update all of the problems are cleared are people facing.

Secure privacy:

You can find built-in WhatsApp lock-in WhatsApp Plus APK with the help of built-in security setting you can secure your chats so no one can see and also you can hide the number in contact with you talking that is the real WhatsApp Plus APK privacy.

Change WhatsApp icon:

The official WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to change any of the settings in WhatsApp and their icon but WhatsApp Plus APK permits you to change the icing of the WhatsApp to any of the other icons you can also find some collection of logos which helps you to replace the main logo of WhatsApp Plus APK.

More emojis / Emoticons:

The original WhatsApp Plus APK has thousands of other emoticon logos you can find a collection of emojis according to your emotionalize. Emoticon emojis help you to better communicate with your friends. only WhatsApp Plus APK user views the emoticons these new features of emoticons in WhatsApp Plus can help you to describe yourself better to others.

WhatsApp cleaner:

WhatsApp Plus APK has an inbuilt feature of cleaner sometimes your net speed is slow therefore your WhatsApp will not work properly therefore you have an inbuilt feature of WhatsApp cleaner you can clean the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK and speed up. your WhatsApp without any data loss.

NOTE: You can find WhatsApp plus APK on many other websites where you can download the latest version of this app but many websites are not updated so if you download the old version you can face problems but don’t worry about this website you will find a download link which has the latest version of WhatsApp plus APK at the end of the website you can find a download button where you can download it.

Writing status:

This feature will tell your friends when you write anything to them so if you want to hide the writing status then go to your setting there you can find the writing status option and then check the writing status option, for now, you will write something no one will see.

Below you can find the FAQ frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Plus APK.

How to download the WhatsApp Plus latest version APK?

you can easily download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK by following the steps which are mentioned below.

First of all download, the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK on your android device mentioned below after downloading the file open the file.

Next, open the file in file manager install it and run it on your device after installing the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK add your phone number, and then you can customize the WhatsApp as you want and start enjoying the latest features added in the WhatsApp Plus APK.


I hope you will find this article helpful after reading this article you will be able to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK if you are already a user of WhatsApp Plus APK then update your old version to the latest version of WhatsApp Plus APK.

This article is written after proper research on a specific topic so if you find this article helpful then share it with your friends and also check our website for more interesting applications.

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