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WhatsApp is the most popular social media application and is still trending worldwide the official WhatsApp has almost 5Billions of downloads and still, people are downloading WhatsApp, but there is a problem with the official WhatsApp after 13 years of WhatsApp service there is no special feature added by WhatsApp and people are also facing security restriction and in 2022 the official WhatsApp is a boring app.

By seeing this many people are going to download the WhatsApp alternative GBWhatsapp delta APK which has more features and a cool interface no restrictions and thousands of other features. GBwhatsApp delta APK is the most popular WhatsApp alternative today you will get details on GbWhatsapp delta APK and what is the difference between official WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp delta APK?

 Before downloading the GB WhatsApp delta latest version we will talk about the latest features which are added in the latest update of Gb WhatsApp delta.

What is GBWhatsapp Delta APK?

 GBwhatsapp Delta APK is the latest moded version of Gb WhatsApp if you are a WhatsApp user then you know about what is GB WhatsApp but now GbwhatsApp Delta APK took place of all other WhatsApp because it is a full moded APK with a lot of features you can’t find in other WhatsApp if you want to download the GBwhatsApp Delta APK then read this article to end.

 GB Delta WhatsApp APK is derived from the WIMOD style many people are using the WIMOD APK and it still is doing good so if you are a fan of WIMOD then GB WhatsApp delta is a good choice for you I also include one point is the GB WhatsApp delta is developed by delta labs studio.


GB WhatsApp Delta APK information:

GB WhatsApp delta has some special features and it’s free to use in the market if you can download any MOD application of WhatsApp, first of all, you can find the right GB WhatsApp delta APK and when you find it you can charge to use the application but at the end of the website, you can find a download link where you can download the original MOD version of GB WhatsApp delta APK and its 100% free.

Difference between Official WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp Delta APK:

 In 2022 the official WhatsApp is only good for old people because the latest feature added in WhatsApp and 30 seconds status feature is still boring WhatsApp company needs to increase the time of the status and the sending problem you can forward your messages to more people in one time also you can find many other issues.

Now let’s talk about our super pro-Gb WhatsApp delta APK latest version features

GB WhatsApp Delta vs official WhatsApp:

GB WhatsApp delta APK looks like a simple WhatsApp but it’s not you can find many cool features which are not added in other WhatsApp. The official WhatsApp gives you limited access to use their features and still has limited features but in GB WhatsApp delta APK does not limit many features.

you can use and customize the GB WhatsApp delta APK by yourself the GB WhatsApp delta owner company permits you to customize the APK you can say that you can rebuild the GB WhatsApp delta APK in the condition which you want.

I hope now you will know about the GB WhatsApp delta APK we will download the latest version of the GB WhatsApp delta APK but first, let’s get deep into the GB WhatsApp delta APK and know what features are added to the GB WhatsApp delta APK latest version.

GB WhatsApp Delta features:

There are many features available in the GB WhatsApp delta APK to let’s talk about features and the cool features we discuss those in full detail let’s start it.

● Do not disturb features

● 30 + fonts are available

● you can set 7 minutes of video. status

● you can send the audio of 100MB to your friends

● You can send high-quality video in. original quality

● 100MB file size of video limit

● The third-party video player can use

● Change icon 35 + available

● Auto-reply your answer

● Send original video without compressing

● Delta GB WhatsApp has a collection of stickers

● Multiple talks in the group

● Many languages are added by Gb WhatsApp delta APK

Other cool features in GB WhatsApp Delta:

● Hide online status

● hide blue tick

● hide typing notification

● Call blocker is also available in GB WhatsApp delta APK

● Hide recording notification

● Built-in to lock you can secure your chat

● Send high-resolution photos

● Message scheduler available

● Anti delete message

● Delete messages from blocked content

● Collection of new themes

That’s it, this is the features that are not available on other simple WhatsApp its only available in GB WhatsApp delta APK now there are some features of Gb WhatsApp delta APK that we need to discuss deeply to get information and in the next step download the latest version of GB WhatsApp delta APK.

GBWhatsapp Delta


Do not Disturb Features:

 Do not disturb feature is not available on official WhatsApp you can only find this feature on GB WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp delta APK and other special WhatsApp you can find on this website.

Hide double tick:

Now you can see your friend’s chat without getting a double tick on WhatsApp this is a pro feature that is available only in the MOD WhatsApp APK so you can take benefits from the GB WhatsApp delta APK you can also find this feature in this WhatsApp easily.

Multiple groups talk:

You can also use this feature while you are in the group meeting on WhatsApp official WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to create multiple group calls but in this WhatsApp, you have a limited number of people which you can add to the group but in GB WhatsApp delta APK you can add many people as you want in the group and also can make multiple group call without any restriction.

Hide recording notification:

You know that when you are recordings something on WhatsApp you can find a notification on the top bar but in this article, you can hide that notification only off the button on the setting of the GB WhatsApp delta APK.

Fonts customization:

This is the cool feature that is available in Gb Whatsapp delta APK you can change the fonts of your chat and WhatsApp and customize the Whatsapp APK delta in the font or view If you want there are almost 30 + fonts available in Gb WhatsApp delta and that is enough for a Whatsapp font lover.

Long video status:

This feature will help you to send 7 minutes of WhatsApp status and that is a cool feature that is not available on other simple WhatsApp.

Official WhatsApp allows you to send 30 seconds of status only and that is the worst limited feature in other WhatsApp but GB WhatsApp delta APK gives you access to the next level.

Send audio of 100Mb limit:

You can imagine that in official WhatsApp you can only send 3 to 5 minutes of audio but in GB WhatsApp delta APK you can send 100Mb or audio voice to anyone you can say that you can send up to 40minutes to 1-hour audio to your friends and family with the help of Gb Whatsapp delta APK and that is the coolest feature I see in the Whatsapp APK.

Send high-quality videos + audio:

In other WhatsApp, if you send a video or a pic to anyone then your photos or video quality are automatically compressed because official WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to send high-quality pic or videos this is why the more high-quality video the increased number of MBs and file is large.

GB WhatsApp Delta APK allows you to send up to 100 MB of video and pictures you can get high-quality results without any quality loss. jtwhatsmodapk

Use a third-party video player:

This feature is only available in GB WhatsApp delta APK because when you see videos that you get on WhatsApp. Your WhatsApp friends you can see That any other video player like MX player etc but GB WhatsApp delta, APK allows you to.

Use a third-party video player with full access to your WhatsApp video you can also run WhatsApp video in the background.

Changing Icon feature:

This feature allows you to change the icon of your WhatsApp which you call the logo also. you can find 30 + logo design pictures and you can change your logo and change the icon of the GB WhatsApp delta APK.

Flight mode feature:

With the help of this feature, you can offline on WhatsApp online. sometimes people want to be on. their internet but they want to offline on WhatsApp so that problem will be solved in the GB WhatsApp delta APK.

Simple when you want to offline on WhatsApp without showing someone you are online than on the flight mode option and know you can read your friend’s messages without getting online on GB WhatsApp delta APK.

Privacy feature:

You can secure your chat and WhatsApp by locking your GB WhatsApp delta APK you can find a built-in lock and security option in the GB WhatsApp delta APK just add your Pincode or fingerprints and secure your chat.

Message scheduler:

If you want to send a birthday message to your friend at exactly 12:00 am but you sleep. At 10:00 pm so don’t worry GB WhatsApp delt APK will solve you that problem you can write a message which you want to send to your friend and the scheduled time that it.

By using this feature, no matter whether you are online or offline your message will be delivered at the exact time to your friend.

Auto-reply answer:

This feature is also available in the WhatsApp business but in the Gb WhatsApp delta APK, you can get some extraordinary options. With this feature, you can automatically reply to your friend you can also choose a text or message which you want to send to others in the automatic reply.

Hide online status:

After enabling this feature no one will see your online status your friends will still see you offline it is a cool feature but many WhatsApp doesn’t allow this kind of feature but you can still find this feature in the GB WhatsApp delta APK.

New themes option:

you can find beautiful themes and colorful customization collections Gb WhatsApp delta APK also you can make a colorful layout and template of your latest version of Gb Whatsapp delta APK.

I tell you all of the information about the Gb Whatsapp delta APK but the main question is how to download and use the latest version of the Gb WhatsApp delta APK below you will find your answer.

Download the latest version of GB WhatsApp Delta APK:

Follow the steps below I will tell you you can find a download button click on the button and download the applications and then follow these steps.

● Click on the download button below

● Open the file in the file manager

● Now install the file

● Add your phone number

● Customize your profile

After following all the steps mentioned above you are ready to use the mod version of GB WhatsApp delta APK now you can customize the WhatsApp as you want and you are ready to use the latest features of Gb WhatsApp Delta APK.


All the details about the Gb WhatsApp delta APK are available in this article I hope you can understand now what is the difference between official WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp delta APK you can also visit your our website we hope you can find more valuable content and the latest APK you can download other WhatsApp if you want.

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