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In 2022 there are almost billions of people which are using WhatsApp in their daily life. Now in market almost a thousand WhatsApp alternative apps are available and people want to use those WhatsApp but they don’t know which WhatsApp is good and provides the latest features so we are here and today this problem has been solved because I am going to tell you about YoWhatsapp APK the WhatsApp alternative which has many cool features.

This article is a detailed article on YoWhatsapp APK I will tell you how you can download the latest version of YoWhatsapp APK and why you need to shift your old WhatsApp to YoWhatsapp also tell you about how you can download the latest version of YoWhatsapp APK the key features and how to use it all the detailed in this article so read this article to end.

What is YoWhatsapp APK?

 YoWhatsApp is the most popular WhatsApp alternative which is used by millions of people it’s very easy and simple but you can find tons of new features. yo, WhatsApp is developed by Yousef but after some time, Yousef stopped developing yo WhatsApp.

 After seeing that FM WhatsApp developer Fouad Mokdad asked Yousef to permit them to rebuild and developed the yo WhatsApp and then day by day the latest update of yo WhatsApp is coming and now yo WhatsApp 9.30 version has the mind-blowing features which are not provided in other WhatsApp.


Detailed information on YoWhatsApp (YOWA) APK:

 YoWhatsApp is also called YoWa APK on the internet it looks like FM WhatsApp and Gp WhatsApp but YoWhatsApp is still better than other WhatsApp alternatives. Yo, WhatsApp is the fully moded Whatsapp APK with advanced features.

if you want to download yo WhatsApp fully-featured APK then you will research on the internet but most websites can give you the exact yo WhatsApp modded APK so don’t worry you can get full moded YoWhatsApp in this article and this website.

YoWhatsApp YoWa APK information:

 Day by day Yowhatsapp is getting very popular WhatsApp why people are downloading yo WhatsApp on their android devices and iPhones Yowhatsapp will work on both devices in the last you will find a download button where you can download the latest version of yo WhatsApp but first, let’s talk about some special features of yo WhatsApp and how to use it.

I hope you will know the maximum information after seeing this table you don’t have to scroll or don’t need to search again on the internet about yo WhatsApp. In this table, the information about yo WhatsApp is updated so let’s talk about some features of yo WhatsApp.

Latest key features of YoWhatsApp:

● No root

● Yo themes

● Emoji variant

● Anti-ban features

● Send long videos

● Default lock

● Freeze last seen

● Custom privacy

● Multiple accounts Use

● Caption feature added image+video

● latest new icons

● Yo WhatsApp theme store

● Beautifully color change option

● Use clone WhatsApp on the same device

● You can pin 1000 chats on yo WhatsApp

Some extra cool features:

● Send full resolutions images

● Privacy mode in Yo WhatsApp

● Online flight mode 

● Customize by yourself

● Hide chats in yo WhatsApp option available

● Send status of 5minutes

● Save status and images automatically

● Change your fonts

● Send 30secounds of gif videos

● Anti deletion custom mode

● Rescue mode in Yo WhatsApp

● Hide the person’s name you are talking

● Fully mode yo WhatsApp

● No ADS in yo WhatsApp

● Rescue mode in yo WhatsApp

● Show blue tick after reply

● Much more features

Now you will get detailed information about yo WhatsApp features now let’s talk about some special features and their benefits in detail and then you are ready to download the latest version of yo WhatsApp and enjoy the features of YO WhatsApp on mobile.

No root:

Yo WhatsApp is a fully moded APK where you don’t need to root this application because people root their apps to get extra features and yo WhatsApp has already a MOD APK where you can get all the features that are available in the rooted APK.

YoWhatsApp themes:

 In the official WhatsApp, you can’t find any WhatsApp theme that’s why people use the WhatsApp alternative in yo WhatsApp your theme problem will be solved you can find a collection of themes that you can change easily.

No-Ban featured:

 If you are using multiple accounts on the same device then the official WhatsApp will restrict your account so in that case yo WhatsApp will solve this problem you can use 3 yo WhatsApp multiple accounts on the same device without getting banned.

Freeze last seen:

If you are a WhatsApp user then you will know about what is last seen? It is a feature where people will see your time when you are offline so in the official WhatsApp you cant hide last seen but in yo WhatsApp you can find a built-in feature where you can hide or off your last seen.

Send long status:

In Official WhatsApp you can send 30-second status while in other WhatsApp alternatives you can send up to 1-minute status but that is not enough for those people who want to send long videos on status in yo WhatsApp you can place 5 minutes of video on status which will be very cool featured in yo WhatsApp.

The pin chats feature in Yo WhatsApp:

This is an amazing feature that I don’t see on another website you can pin 3 to 5 chats on the official WhatsApp business and on yo WhatsApp you can pin not 100 chats yo WhatsApp gives you a feature where you can pin more than 1000 chats on one WhatsApp and that is enough.

No ADS in YoWhatsApp: 

In other alternative WhatsApp such as GP WhatsApp and FM, also other WhatsApp doesn’t have any ads option so if you use those WhatsApp you can face many ads problems on every click and almost you got 30 seconds of ads video to watch then you continued your chat. 

Too much time wasting on other WhatsApp therefore in yo WhatsApp is MOD APK that’s why there are No ADS in yo WhatsApp you can use this WhatsApp without any problem.


Hide person name:

The latest feature added in the yo WhatsApp latest updated version is called hide person name with the help of this feature you can hide the name on the chat which you want and lock your chat and WhatsApp inbuilt features are still available in yo WhatsApp you can customize the latest version of yo WhatsApp as you want.

Send full resolution images and videos:

When you send images and videos on other WhatsApp their quality will be reduced and in videos, you can’t send long videos this is the biggest problem which are facing people but on yo WhatsApp you can send long videos and images in high-quality resolution without losing quality or frame drop. 

The custom privacy setting:

In this feature, you can customize your privacy setting you can hide a double tick or blue tick you can show your tick after replying to the answers you can lock your chat profile and WhatsApp.

 Now all the information and features of Yo Whatsapp you will read in this article the last step is to download the yo WhatsApp lets download the latest version of yo WhatsApp.

Download YoWhatsApp APK latest version:

You can update your old Yo WhatsApp to the latest version by downloading the file below you can download it only on google because these WhatsApp alternatives are not available in the google play store so no problem you can download yo WhatsApp from the below link.

 After installing the APK you can add your phone number which you want to use and then you will get a code that will be automatically fetched and that’s it you are ready to use yo WhatsApp now customize it and enjoy the features in the latest version of yo WhatsApp APK.


 In the end, you will get detailed information on the Yo WhatsApp APK now you know what is yo Whatsapp APK? And how to download it and use it to enjoy the tons of new features that are available in the latest version of yo WhatsApp.

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