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In 2022 people are trying to use a different types of new applications, therefore, day by day new competitors of different apps are coming into the market in this article you will find a new AZWhatsApp APK which is an alternative to the official WhatsApp and which has a lot of features that’s is not on other WhatsApp alternatives.

In AZWhatsApp APK you can find a ton of new features. The official WhatsApp is popular because it can be providing us services for more than 13 years and now many people and companies have ideas to do and launch something new like AZWhatsApp APK. we will talk about this application in detail but first, let’s know about AZWhatsApp APK and its new features and also what is the difference between official WhatsApp and AZWhatsApp APK.

AZWhatsapp APK

What is AZWhatsApp APK?

AZWhatsApp APK is the full modified version of the official WhatsApp their application is MOD APK you can find many features which you can’t find in other WhatsApp alternatives. This application is 100% free to download.

You can use AZWhatsApp APK without any fee or additional charges. You will be happy to know that AZWhatsApp APK can translate your language into 15+ other languages and you can also choose the language which you want.

There are also many other features in AZWhatsApp APK which we will discuss in this article in detail but first, you need to know about what is the difference between AZWhatsApp APK and other WhatsApp and why people are using the latest version of AZWhatsApp APK. jtwhatsmodapk

AZWhatsApp APK Vs other WhatsApp alternatives?

First of all AZWhatsApp APK looks simple but it’s not that simple. The difference between these two WhatsApp only features. You know that in the official WhatsApp you can’t find any additional features that’s why people bored to use the official WhatsApp so they need the latest version of AZWhatsApp APK because in that WhatsApp you can find cool features.

Official WhatsApp is good but when people think about a feature then AZWhatsApp APK will win because of so many additional features and anti-ban protection. This feature is awesome because if you use any other WhatsApp alternatives then your account will be banned from the official WhatsApp company but in AZWhatsapp APK no problem you can face like this the privacy policy AZWhatsApp APK is outstanding.

AZWhatsApp APK details:

AZWhatsApp APK is the updated version if you have a smartphone which has 5.1 android version or above then you can use AZWhatsApp APK. the application size is 45MB and its license is free to use all over the world.

NOTE: Some people will think that if they use any WhatsApp alternative they will get banned or restricted for somehow this is true but in AZWhatsApp APK latest version you can get antiban protection you don’t need to worry about your account and on our website, all of the applications and WhatsApp alternatives are using antiban protection.

AZWhatsApp APK Features:

Below I am going to mention each and every thing about AZWhatsApp APK we will discuss the latest features of AZWhatsApp APK and in detail, I will tell you what will each feature do and how you can use the feature and download the latest version of AZWhatsApp APK.

  • More fonts
  • Do not disturb
  • Application lock
  • Secure call
  • Delete message against
  • Translator
  • Multi-language feature
  • Better privacy
  • Antiban feature
  • protect chats
  • beautiful themes

Some extra features:

  • hide online status
  • hide double tick
  • always online
  • 7-minute status
  • send large audio
  • to send large video

Collection themes:

In the latest version of AZWhatsApp APK you can find many beautiful themes which you can use it in your WhatsApp and customize it. AZWhatsApp APK will give you permission to change your WhatsApp color fonts and its logo. You can rebuild or you can say redesign the official version of AZWhatsApp APK.

Better privacy:

if you are using AZWhatsApp APK it will provide you with better privacy your all voice video and picture data will be saved. you can use AZWhatsApp APK if you want to use better privacy you don’t need to worry about your privacy just download the latest version of AZWhatsApp APK and use it.


This feature is only available in AZWhatsApp APK if you don’t know English then you can use this application in other languages and if you want to translate language then AZWhatsApp APK allows you to translate it into 15+ languages without using any third-party application

Hide double Tick:

You can hide double tick if you want some people don’t want to show their online status to other friends so if you want to hide you one status then you can use this feature and it can also give permission. to read other friends messages without going online.

Long status 7 minutes:

in official WhatsApp you can only send 30-second status and on other alternatives, you can send status up to 1 minute but AZWhatsapp APK allows you to send at least 7 minutes of status without any problem. if you want to upload long status then you can use AZWhatsapp APK for free.

Deleted message:

This is the coo feature which I don’t see in other WhatsApp and that is if someone sends you a message and they delete it but in. this application if you are using the latest version of AZWhatsapp APK the message scant be deleted and you can see that message which your friend will delete.

More fonts:

In the official WhatsApp you only find the default font and in other alternatives, you don’t find this feature so if you use AZWhatsApp APK you can find a collection of fonts that you can change which font you like you can also add other fonts.

AZWhatsapp APK

Sending limit:

In other WhatsApp you can always face a limit on sending audios videos and pictures and then you send high-quality video to your friend your video quality will be decreased in officially WhatsApp by seeing this AZWhatsApp APK added a featured which can help. you to. maintain video and picture quality and you can send 50MB to 100Mb video and audio without any quality loss.

Antiban feature:

Anti Ban feature will protect your WhatsApp account because official WhatsApp doesn’t permit you to use another website. so in that case, if you used any other WhatsApp your account will be restricted but AZWhatsApp APK antiban feature will help you to protect yourself from account restriction.

Protect chat:

You can protect your chat with this feature you can secure your content and also you can hide your number and place a lock on specific content so when your mobile will not be in your hand then your message will not see by any other person.

Now everything you will know about AZWhatsApp APK and we will also tell you about its feature and how to step by step features work so in the last step let’s download the latest version of AZWhatsapp APK.

Download AZWhatsApp APK latest version:

After knowing all. the feature now you are ready to. download the latest version of AZWhatsApp APK if you want to download then you can find the download button below.

Click the download button below and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Click the download button
  • Goto file manager
  • open downloads
  • Install AZWhatsApp APK

After installing the AZWhatsApp APK you can add your mobile number and create your account and use the latest features of AZWhatsapp APK.


AZWhatsApp APK is the best WhatsApp alternative you can find many features in this WhatsApp you can translate your languages to other languages without using any third-party applications. You can download the latest version of AZWhatsApp APK from our website also you can find other free applications and WhatsApp alternatives you can also use that apply.

If you want to use something latest and tell your friend about it then you can use AZWhatsApp APK on your low hand devices without any charges. AZWhatsApp APK is a full MOD APK so you don’t need to root your mobile phone to use its additional features.

If you find this article helpful then share it with your friends.

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