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In 2022 everyone uses WhatsApp and the number of visitors of WhatsApp is days by day expending in the other hand WhatsApp is updating its terms and adding more restrictions for low hand device users that’s why people need WhatsApp alternatives like WhatsApp Transparent APK which are new and full MOD application in this WhatsApp there is no requirement of using this WhatsApp even if you have a low hand device then you can easily use WhatsApp Transparent APK.

On official WhatsApp, in their new update, it will restrict some old mobile phone versions of android and apple phones that’s why many people need an alternative today I am going to tell you the best WhatsApp alternative on the internet and that is WhatsApp Transparent APK with the help of this you can use an unlimited feature which you cant use in other WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Transparent APK is a fully modified version of WhatsApp why you can get all the features unlocked automatically let’s talk more about WhatsApp Transparent APK and also discuss it in detail its features and in the last, we know how to download the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK.

WhatsApp Transparent APK

What is WhatsApp Transparent APK?

WhatsApp Transparent APK is a powerful new MOD APK that is a combination of other WhatsApp alternatives like GB WhatsApp and other alternatives APK. WhatsApp Transparent APK is adding and giving more functionalities and removing bugs, lag, issues, etc. in the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK you can find many additional features which you use and there is a 100% chance that you don’t use these features in any other WhatsApp alternatives.

Like other WhatsApp alternatives in WhatsApp Transparent APK, you can find many features but the most feature you find is new. so let’s discuss the features and also discuss more deeply the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK. jtwhatsmodapk

WhatsApp Transparent APK Details:

Here you can find WhatsApp Transparent APK full detailed information on their total download features. also, get information on APK size, etc. You can know all the information below in the chart.

Now you can know all the information about WhatsApp Transparent APK we are going to talk about WhatsApp Transparent APK features and we will discuss all of the features which are added in the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK.

The latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK runs on the lowest devices which has the android version of 4.0 or higher you can use this application both on android and iPhone so if you are interested in this application you can download it from our websites now let’s talk about the features of WhatsApp Transparent APK and how to use these features.

WhatsApp Transparent APK key features:

In the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK all of the features are the same but many features you can find are mind-blowing you can see all of the features and derail them below.

  • Improved UI
  • Mirror WhatsApp
  • Transparent display
  • Hide blue tick
  • Hide online status
  • Media sharing
  • Send a message from someone to chat
  • New topics accessible
  • Share up to 1GB of files
  • Share audio recordings
  • Improved user interface
  • Improved security features
  • More customization features
  • Improved privacy features
  • Better Do Not Disturb mode
  • Anti-ban feature

Friendly User interface:

In the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK, you can find a beautiful user-friendly interface where you can remember all things and customize all WhatsApp Transparent APK applications according to your view.

Antiban feature:

Official WhatsApp doesn’t allow to use of other WhatsApp alternatives that is why if you use the MOD version of any WhatsApp alternative APK then your account will automatically ban but in the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK your account is 100% secure because you can find an inbuilt antiban feature in WhatsApp Transparent APK which can provide you extra security and prevent you getting banned.

Share big files:

If you use other WhatsApp alternatives and official WhatsApp you can only send 5 to 5 pictures at one time and 3 minutes of the video but in the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK you can find can send up to 1GB size of the video to your friend without any issue.

Customization features:

Customization feature is not available in other WhatsApp alternatives with the help of this feature you can easily customize your all WhatsApp you can say that you can rebuild your WhatsApp you can change the theme can also find many collections of themes and pictures also it can give you permission to change the icon of your WhatsApp.

Anti revoke feature:

You can also knows that WhatsApp Transparent APK has a special transparent feature and with the help of this feature you can use or video the hiding or deleted messages from your friends you can also hide your mobile number and your chat profile pictures that’s why this WhatsApp is the most popular WhatsApp in 2022.

Send long status:

In the official WhatsApp you get permission to only send 30 seconds of status and on other WhatsApp alternatives you can send at least one 1-minute status and that is not enough because people want to send long status that’s why in WhatsApp Transparent APK you can send 7 minutes of status without any cutting and this option is not available on other WhatsApp. You can also get many updates when you use this app.

Send high-quality videos:

In other WhatsApp alternatives when you send videos to your friend then automatically WhatsApp will reduce your video quality and your videos look 120p but in WhatsApp Transparent APK you can send high-quality videos of the same quality you will download.

Privacy feature:

By using this cool feature you can hide your privacy-related option and secure your account using the option you can use your WhatsApp double tick and also you can use your online status you can also send messages to your friends without knowing them.

DND feature:

DND do not disturb feature will help you on this time when you want that no one will disturb you on a specific time and also know one will see your online status in that cause this feature will help you a lot.

WhatsApp Transparent APK

How to download the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK?

If you want to download the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK then you download it on our website for free and if you are already using WhatsApp Transparent APK then you need to upgrade your WhatsApp Transparent APK to the latest version by clicking the update button in setting and if you don’t find any update button then for download click on the link below and follow the steps. It

  • Click on the link
  • Download the file
  • open file manager
  • Install WhatsApp Transparent APK file
  • you’re DONE

By following all the steps now you downloaded the lest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK on your mobile phone add your phone number create an account and use the cool features added in the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK.

NOTE: many people say that using a mod application is not secure remember that the MOD application is not secure somehow but in the Transparent APK file MOD application you can find important features like an antiban system that can protect your account.


In this article, you will know bout the detailed information on WhatsApp Transparent APK we also tell you about the latest feature of WhatsApp Transparent APK and how to download the latest version of WhatsApp Transparent APK 2022 from our website you can get many other WhatsApp alternatives and applications which you can use in your mobile phone all of them are MOD application.

If you find this article helpful then make sure to share it with your friends because many people need WhatsApp Transparent APK MOD so by sharing this article you can help those people.

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